100 Years Of Period Timeline

I know this might sound disgusting to many people but it’s 2019 people, get over it ok. But yes, 100 years ago, the very 1st-period pad/towel started. In the early 1900s, people knew that is was not normal for females to bleed from their vagina and let it all out. Although there are people like that who let it all out, I just can’t.

In 1911

Midol made the 1st pain killer for general pain. Also, cellucotton was used as a bandage in WWI is five times more absorbent as cotton and cheaper.

In 1919

Wool worth in Chicago sold their 1st Kotex made of cellucotton. However, women back in those days relied on handmade clothing pads.

In the 1920’s

Some women actually ordered pad belt (yes those were real) and overnight bloomers from Sears catalog. The ad continues to advertise that period were an embarrassment and promise plain packaging.

Retailers were told to put a sanitary napkin on the counters so females can find them and not ask a salesperson.

In 1930

Doctors treated periods as a disability and refrained females from doing physical activities like sports. Until Kotex adversite women playing tennis and golf while on their periods. Pads during that day were kept in place with a belt.

During the ’30s Kotex developed the 1st menstrual book for mom’s to explain periods to their daughter once they were old enough to understand. Yes, I was the child, but not in the 30s’ more like the year 2000. The book was very useful since I didn’t know anything about it. Thanks, you mom and Kotex!

The tampon as we know it with a tube inside a tube was created by Dr. Earle Haas. Gertrude Tenderich brought Haas patent for $32k and founded Tampax. She made the first Tampax Tampon with the help of a sewing machine.

In 1937, inventor and actress Leona W. Chalmers created the first menstrual cup. Due to rubber shortage during the wartime and cause the business to close.

In 1940’s

Health sponges are a washable sponge that soaks up menstrual blood. Thrift women are still washing homemade menstrual rags since they didn’t trust tampons or the sanitary belt.

Teens worried about their “daintiness” on a certain day can sprinkle Quest Deodorant Powder on their pads.

In 1950’s

Ad campaigns for Modess sanitary napkins show American women returning into feminity. Pursettes- tampons without the applicators and with the lubricated tips are easier to hide in one’s purse.

Now the sanitary belts come in white and the belt that double as garters are now available.

Leona Chalmers is back and with a better idea, not only does she still want to proceed with the menstrual cup but she also wanted the Tassette, and later on the disposable Tassette.

Meanwhile, 25 million Kotex boxes are sold every month

Not much happened in 1960. In 1969 experts said there was no medical reason to avoid having sex during the female period.

In the ’70s

Stayfree Mini-Pads and Kotex have a new way for pads and that is adding the adhesive strip on the bottom so they can stay in place while women play sports. They were the 1st sanitary pads that didn’t require belts or special garments.

The horror movie Carrie from Stephen King was the first movie to graphically show menstrual blood. Yes, Stephen King is that graphics and the really gruesome guy, no wonder I love his movies and book.

New super-absorbent tampons arrived on the market but might cause more hard than good. If you don’t know that means it pretty much tampons when from 100% pure cotton to cotton mixed with other things that can cause death.

In the ’80s

TSS also know as Toxic Shock Syndrome caused by toxin from the staph and strep bacteria kills at least 40 women that year. Studies found that it was linked to the super-absorbent tampons.

Later on the blue liquid we see on tv now show the pads were used for ads to show how absorbent the pads and tampons are. Which also became the P&G “Truly global” brands.

In the ’90s

The market for sanitary products spiked from $1.3 billion in 1985 to $2.4 billion in 1991. Also, the pads now came with “wings” to further protect the underwear.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, propose a bill to increase funding for studies on TSS tampons use and the chemicals used to make some tampons. Sadly the prosal was rejected and even now some women are dying because of TSS or an infection that it might have caused them.

In 1997 there were 1.8 billion females menstruating but the data showed that only 400 million used commercial sanitary protection products.

Back in the days, if you used a tampon, a lot of parents and teens thought that they would not be a virgin. Tampax ad reassured women that they can still use a tampon and still be a virgin.

Later on, approximately half of the women who suffer from migraines link them with their menstrual cycle.

Now hitting the 2000’s

In 2006 99% of contraceptive pill also known as birth control users started menstruating regualarly withing 90s of stopping the pills. Now I can testify to this because I was taking birth control in 2006  because I have irregular periods meaning mine last for 7 days and more. Thanks to birth control my period is back to normal still last 7 days but does not pass 7 days.

In the 2010s

About 80% of the people with periods complain about PMS symptoms like cramps, bloating, weight gain and so on.

A 26-year-old runner proudly free-bleeds during the London marathon. She was concerned that using a tampon or pad could cause chafing.

Now we live in a world that there is a lot of things that can help us females control our periods.

The menstrual cup is alive and well thanks to Leona W. Chalmers. We no longer have to wear belts during our period thanks to Kotex pads nor be afraid to workout or do sports tanks to Stayfree.

There are a lot of companies on the mission of providing organic and better ways for our period.

Check these websites to get more information.

Diva Cup


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