16 Things to Make This Year Your Best Year!

Although 2018 is over and 2019 is here, you might be still thinking about can you do this year to make it the best year for you. I have a lot of New Year resolution, and I planned it all with my content planner, but I love making new year resolution each year because it’s different for me.

But, this all about you not me so here we go.

Say “no” more often

With a lot of things going on, work deadline, family, hangout with friends, managing you own business, things tend to get crazy. If you keep accepting things, you will feel burnt out and that is something that is never good due to many reasons.

Be nice to yourself

Sometimes, we are so nice to everyone but ourselves. Well not this year, this year show yourself some love. Buy something that will make you happy, do a home facial, have a drink in your pjs. There is nothing better than treating yourself to something nice and relaxing.


Traveling this year is the best way to learn something new. Trust me when Iw as on my cruise last year, I learned so many things that I wouldn’t have learned online or on the news. Seeing what the hurriances have done to each island was really heartbreaking.


Create a work out schedule just for you. Working out this year, not only will you look good, but you feel good as well. Many good things come from working out, for example, you won’t feel as depressed, stress, have anxiety and so on.

Connect with more people

connect with people who will motivate you and push you to be the best you. let go of those who have downed you, made you feel some type of way and get some new friends who will uplift you.

Start a business

There is nothing wrong with starting a business this year no matter what it is. Just make sure that you are passionate about it and it’s legal. Follow your dreams of being a businesswoman, we need more of you in the business world so get your paper, pen, pencil, laptop or whatever you want and start planning your business. All you need is an idea.

Forgive someone

This year forgive someone who might have lied to you, hurt you or did something that they shouldn’t have. Forgive that one person, when you do you feel better. Now I don’t mean go back to them and be their other half, or bff again but forgive them for your own sake.

Cut back on coffee

Oh coffee how I love you, but you just cost too must for my own liking. For Christmas all I wanted was 1 to get my Macbook pro fixed (didn’t happen) and two get a coffee machine. I noticed that a good % of my money was going to Lyft and Starbucks. Now I love my coffee and all but everyday was getting too costly. So my dad brought me a coffee maker and I brought the coffee, the filter and everything I like for my coffee and now I am saving tons of money.

Let of detox people

I have mentioned this multiple times, and you seriously need to let go of people that only bring you down with their negativity. I have done this so many time, and I am still doing this as well. Life is to short to be surrounding yourself with them so cut them off, and get some new and better friends.

Cut down on bills

Start the year by paying off your debt. Don’t dwell in debt, look at your budget and cut down a few things. If you are subscribed to different things, think about what you use the most and don’t use. Cancel your subscriptions and start saving. You can use Trim which will help you cut down on your bill plus negotiate your invoice with your credit cards while you are on the phone.

Eat healther

Just like working out, eating healthy will make you feel good. If your body is craving sugar, don’t have chocolate, have some fruits, has just as much of sugar but it’s all natural. Make yourself a fruit bowl at least twice a week if you can think of course. I know fruits cost a lot so once again check your budget.

Upgrade your closet

There is nothing better than upgrading your closet and having a new style. I have my stylist, and I can tell you that my wardrobe is slowly getting an upgrade from the old clothes to the ones that still have a tag from it since 2012.

Buy this sweater at Romwe

Use your phone less!!

We all know you love your phone just as much as the person next you right now on their phone. But, get off your phone! Thanks to the Moment app that is now availble on the apple store and google play store you can now download it and see how much time you spend on your phone. Moment even has little challenges that you can do. Right now I am doing bootcamp meaning, my phone can not sleep in the same room with me, it has to be on silent for a whole day and oh yea, the last day of the challege is going phoneless for the whole day! I don’t know how I’m going to do that but I will have too.

Become a morning person


I love being a morning person; I get a lot of things done and have the rest of day to binge watch a few shows/movies. Wake up early and have some coffee or tea, do things that you will generally do later on in the day and see how things will get more comfortable for you after you build a morning routine.


This year, you should journal down everything! If you have yet done this last year, what is stopping you. Journaling is an amazing way to let all your feelings out on paper and if you want, you can burn it after and start to feel free.

Be kind to other

there is nothing more rewarding than being kind to other people. You feel good about yourself because you are being nice and when you nice, good things happens to you. Don’t do or say anything that is mean to others.

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