4 Essential Items For Protecting Your Skin

Summer is here, and you might wonder how you can protect your skin from the raving sun. If you live in Florida, you know what I mean by raving the sun. You already know the sun will be crazy this year due to Global warming, and if you may not know already, the sun is cancerous, and we must protect our skin even our lips and ears.

Now you might want to do most things on the list and hell you might even forget to do them, but they are a must. I remember from time to time, but it’s still important to do them.


Buy sunscreen that protects your skin. Get an SPF 50+ since that recommended for your face and body. Sunscreen is known more going to to the beach and tanning, but we must wear them every day even if we are indoors.

If you keep you keep your blinds open at home, you are getting affected by the sun as well due it’s rays that penetrate through the glass windows.

Pick the perfect sun

Picking the perfect sun to go out is a life saver. You want to avoid the sun in its peak hours from 10am-2pm. Those are that perfect time for a good tan but not to be out and out about without sunscreen protection.

For those doing photo shoots, you might want to do it when the sun is either rising or during sunset hour.

Wear sunglasses

Your eyes need to be protected as well from the sun. The sun can damage your vision if you don’t wear sunglasses while you are on the go. Some people like to buy dark shade like me while some of softer colored shades but still, protect their eyes.

Wear long sleeve clothing

I know you might think I’m crazy but honestly, a lot of people suggest this. If you don’t want to wear sunscreen then, you’ll have to wear long sleeve shirts and jeans. Get some the are thin enough for your skin to breathe still and you are not hot. Your skin will thank you in the long wrong.

What do you do to protect your skin from the crazy heat?

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