5 Christmas Decoration Ideas

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This year I wanted to write a Christmas article since it’s right around the corner, and if you have not decorated your house/apartment yet, this is some little simple decoration ideas that you can do in one day. Now, I love Christmas, and my house is already decorated just missing more gifts of course. 

Christmas Garland


Adding a Christmas garland to your home will make it look and feel more like Christmas.  This is the perfect to add some acent to your stairs. 



Candles are always the best addition for any time of the year, especially during this time since candles have a winter scent so your home will feel more like christmas even if you live in an area where it does not snow.

Reusable Lantern

Driven By Decor

Lanterns are always the perfect addition for the holiday season, and they also make the ideal home decor like adding a candle inside or a flower. So this year why not have Christmas balls inside?

Snowflake During Dinner Decor 

Life and Linda

Nothing is better than adding some snowflakes to your Christmas dinner table. You can buy some on amazon and add them to your plate as a decor 


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