5 Self Development Books That Will Change Your Life

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If you read my last article How To Be A Better Writer, I mentioned that reading is a really good way to better your writing. Most of my books are now on Audible since I am always on the go and it’s easier for me. Now before we jump into the article I have talked about book in other articles that I have written on. So, the books that I am going to mention today, are new books and maybe one or two I have mentioned before on previous articles.

5 Second Rule

This is a book that I have come across before, but thanks to a video I watched on a youtube video, mentioned the book and I got it on Audible and I was listening to it, my state of mind starting to change. Now thanks to the 5-second rule, I am writing this article today and telling you about it.

No Excuses

This is a book that I have mentioned multiple times and I will keep on mentioning forever. No Excuses is by Brian Tracy and he talks about making no excuses in whatever you want to do. Stop dwelling on the “what if’s”, “someday” and other words that we tend to say just to no do it today.

Think and Grow Rich

I have read this book about 3 times already and it’s honestly changed my mindset about money. If you have thought that all money is evil or that all rich people are a snob and like to show off things, this book will teach you otherwise and how to think rich that way you know how to have some money.

40 Rules For internet Business Success

If you are planning to start an online business no matter what it is, this book is for you. I have learned at least the 20 rules on starting and managing an online business. If you already started a business but feel like you just need a new idea, grab this book and read/listen and open your mind to changes. So throw away your current business plan because it’s time for you to make a new one and start growing as a business.

Like She Owns The Place

Now, for those who do not know, I am a big Cara Alwill Leyba fan and I love to her books. I recently donated all of her books to the people who need to read them and grow as a person. Like She Owns The Place is a book that teaches you all about self-confidence and how to get it so you can own the place.


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