5 Steps To Selling On Poshmark

You might have heard of Poshmark, the popular app that has been around since forever, in my opinion. Now, I have made over $1000 using Poshmark keep in mind this was years ago when it 1st started. But I stopped selling for a couple of years since I had nothing else to sell from my closet until now. I logged in an account I made about four years ago which is my 2nd account since I deleted my 1st one. In this account I only sold one depressing thing, recently I started to put more items on sales that I no longer need or want due to my move that will be happening in a couple of months or sometime next year, so whatever I don’t sell within that time frame I will donate it. 

Now, selling on Poshmark is the same way you sell pretty much everywhere, you have to do almost the same steps as you would if you are selling on facebook, through Etsy and so on. The good things about this app are that you can sell your used item that is still in good condition. I have sold shoes, dresses, shirts, jeans, and an apple watch that I once had for like a month maybe less. So you can pretty much sell almost everything in your closet or house that you don’t need or want. 

Look through your things

Look through your closet, house decors, and pick out things that you don’t want, this will get a good idea of what you can sell on Poshmark. I do this every three months or so since my mind is always changing, but once I post it on poshmark, there is no going back since I know someone else will give better use than me. I say you can start with 5 items that you know you don’t want any more and put them on the side.

Photograph Your Items

Take photos of your item you want to sell and yes from every angle possible. You want your buyers to see what you are going to sell them and since they can’t go in person to see it, you have to make sure you are showing everything about that item. Place it somewhere that has good lighting, white background, or a beautiful color that will help with the image. At times I like to use a marble tile that I bought in Home Depot for like $2 ea, or you can place it on a beautiful faux fury blanket. 

When it comes to taking a photo, don’t worry about having a fancy DSLR camera, your phone will work perfectly fine. You might have to adjust a few setting on your phone like the lighting, filters so on. You can learn by watching this video on youtube

Edit and Post

Now it time to post your photos onto Poshmark, this is the natural part all the hard parts was taking pictures, making sure it looks eye-catching and cute. Now that you have selected the photos for your 1st item, you won’t add the name of that item, give an excellent description whatever else it’s required. You can add the brand its from, the colors, what category does it got to, and of course the price. 

Social media

Lastly connect your store to all of your social media, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. This way, you can tell the world that your closet is officially on sale. 


Now sit back and wait to get likes, you can send exclusive offer to those who liked your photos that way you can sell your items maybe for a lower price, but at least you made your 1st sale.

If you want to see who I have my store set up, go and check it out, I might have a few items you might even want to buy for your home or closet. 

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