8 Ways To Brighten Up Your Space

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Your house might be dim and dark due to your furniture. I know my house is because my dad loves brown everything. My room and the office is the one place that is filled with white and a few dark and gold tones.

You might be in the same shoes as me and want to lighten up your space for any reason. I lighten up my room because I suffer from depression and the dark is not my best friend when it comes down to that.

So you might be wondering what can you do to make your home all nice and bright. We have over eight different things you can do now to change the way your home or room feels and looks.

Use white or light-colored furniture.

Wherever possible, search for white furniture, rather than dark colors. I made the mistake of buying all the dark furniture when I was shopping for my room. But, since furniture is expensive, I went to Home Depot and painted my dresser.

If you are moving soon or planning on moving in a few weeks or months, buy furniture that suits your style; It’s okay if you have one or two pieces that are dark but make sure that the majority is white or light colors. Trust me it will make a huge difference.

Keep tall items away from windows

This one is a must do! Tall items block the sunlight from coming in the way it’s supposed too. We are not allowed to block out windows in our building due to apartment rules. I would suggest that you move a few things around your space to make sure you are bringing as much light as possible.

Use sheer, white curtains

Curtains always bring everything together. Do get yourself some nice white or nude shade curtains. I would put this in the living room or rooms that have large windows. Like a balcony. This will helps space get some sunshine while it doesn’t affect your sleep.

Add mirrors

Adding a mirror to your room will be perfect since you will open up your curtains and let light in. This will bounce from the mirror and bring even more light in your place. Some people like to keep their mirror facing their bed while others want to keep it away from the best which I would recommend.

Paint it

As I mentioned before, I painted my furniture because it was costly to buy new ones. So if you are on a budget, go to Lowes, Home Depot and buy the supplies you need. You can shop what I use down below.


There is nothing better than a clean room. If you want your space to look nice and bright, remove all that clutter you have around your desk, bed, floor, and so on. You have no idea how much of a difference that makes in your space. I have to clean mine today actually to bring even more light in.

Bright, white bulbs

These are my favorites as around the whole house. This does make a huge difference in your room, especially at night since it will look like daytime. I have two white lamps so when I turn on the light my room is bright.

Add flowers or plants

Add some flowers or plants to your space. I got a Bamboo tree at Ikea for 0.97 it was like like 5 inches or a bit less. Now it passed foot long, and I am happy with it. It brings the room together. When shopping for plants or followers. Make sure you know what they require.

You might want plants that grow fast, but you need to put them towards the sun. Maybe you want a plant that does require sun but a lot of water. Look up indoor plants and flowers that best suits you.


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