What To Add Into Your Office Space

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Creating your space can be challenging. This article signifies inspired by my previous article about Pinterest. When I was creating my space, it was hard at first because I didn’t know how to accomplish it. I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t have the budget at the time and of course the time to buy all the things.

Your space is valuable for those who are a podcaster, bloggers, YouTubers, and so on. I have to rooms one room is my bed room which it’s currently under construction in my head since I want to get rid of this dark furniture already and go back to my pearl white. But, in my office, everything is white, except for another small desk I have that is glass, and another one is black. But, my main desk is white, and that’s where everything happens.

As I was saying, your space is the most important place for you even if you don’t have a home office that is fine. Where ever you work at whether it’s on your kitchen table, living room, bed room it doesn’t matter.

I will tell you all the things you space should have for your work to be efficient and you will be happy.

Whites Colors

Having white colors in your space, it is ideal since it will make the illusion that you have more space. This is perfect for people with little space at home. I like my two-white desk in my office because it looks bigger when it’s not.

Pop Of Color:

Add a pop of your favorite color. I love golds and grays in my space, which I have no clue why but I do. I have noticed that when I have those colors, I tend to work more in my office. Adding a pop of color as well will help you stay focus and feel more relaxed.

Add a décor

Add a small decoration to your space. It can be flowers, a picture frame, quote, or whatever you want. Adding this will help you stay focus on what you are doing. If you are getting a picture frame, add a photo of a time that you were thrilled and look at it when you feel overwhelmed.

If you are getting a quote, make sure it’s something that is active and filled with good vibes only. I have noticed that with quotes things go a lot better since that quote will be in your head, and every week get a new quote.


Adding candles to your space is one of the best things that you can do. I have these two cute white candles that they both have different scents to them. The candles add more space but the packing is antique, and I love it.

Pick any candle of your choice and light them up when you are about to work to bring that positive energy in.

Your space is yours so why not treat it like it’s sure. Try adding these small things into any space you have and give it a try. Just make sure you have your laptop, phone and a planner (optional).

I love the way my space looks, and at times, I’m not in even in the office, like now I am in my bed writing this article even though this room is dark. I have added pops of white and gold for it not be so gloomy. At times, I’m even at the dinner table writing articles back to back when no one is home.

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