How Your Attitude Might Be Holding You Back At Work

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We all have attitudes, some of us show it more than others. However, the question is, do you have an attitude at work? Even though you may not think you have an attitude other small things you do says otherwise. I have been told I look like I have an opinion based on how I look, dress, walk, talk, and even my body posture.

We all crave certain levels of respect and that perfectly fine. We are all different in our way and have gone through a lot. However, you must learn that if you want respect, you have to give it first. Respect is not given, it is earned.

Be Respectful

Learning to be respectful is a big thing. I totally get it- this point seems so obvious to almost eye-roll worthy. Even though you may be painful for you, it’s something that we all look at.

Remember what I said earlier? Respect is not given it is earned. Of course, for some of us, that is hard because we think the world revolves around us and that is not true. You need to show respect to everyone including, friends, family and especially your job. Showing your boss and colleagues respect will show them that you are not stuck up, and you are willing to list. Even if they are a**hole, you still have to show them respect since your boss is paying you.

Think Body Language

The way your body is posture, can say a lot about your attitude. What I have learned in the past few years is that body language is everything. Let’s take it back about 3 to 4 years ago when I was in a program called Year Up. They taught me everything about body language and what I can and cannot do when I am working.

If are talking to someone, do not cross your hands since that makes it seem as if you do not want to listen nor care what they are saying. Also, you want to keep your body up and straight not sluggish since you will appear as if you do not want to be at work and you are lazy. Having your body it up straight can tell that you are willing to work and you are not a lazy person.

Own Your Accomplishments

If you have accomplished something that is important to you, congrats! Think of the
last time someone told you that. You might feel as now no one says that. That is fine that #1 person that should be proud of you is yourself. Girl, own it, you worked hard to get that accomplishment.

If someone did tell you congrats, you have to be even happier since someone else acknowledge your achievement and are triumphal for you. Don’t ever be afraid to own your success and celebrate your wins. This does not mean you are gloating and feel like you are better than anyone else. Instead, you are just taking a moment to reflect that the hard work you put in paid off.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

No matter who you are, being taken seriously is always easy. Hell, some people do not take me seriously at all until I catch an attitude or show them that they are wrong. Don’t let that hold you back. You need to stop sweating the small stuff and keep it moving honey. I get it trust me, at times people want to criticize you and your works, and it might get under your skin at times. However, you as strong women have to keep pushing until you make it.

Moreover, if someone does not want to respect you, remember it is more that person’s problem than it is yours. If they have low self-esteem for themselves that they feel being mean to others is the way to go when they are wrong. Pick yourself up, the dust of them shoulders and move on.


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