Everyday Career Girl: Kat Gaskin

As you all already know, I like to interview bad ass bossbabes. For today articles I have to interview the amazing Kat Gaskin. The other day I got to meet Kat Gaskin via IG DM, for those who do not know her, you have seen her IG Pages, The Content Planner, Salty Pineapple and her personal page. As you ladies may have already known, The Content Planner is the best planner, in my opinion, to have for all the creators. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, author or whatever you may be. The planner is there to help you succeed and help market your product more than you ever imagined.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Kat Gaskin, a beach-obsessed #girlboss who built my brand around floating fruit, being salty and dreaming BIG. After quitting my 9-to-5 job back in October 2012, I pursued my dreams of running my own freelance business and launched Salty Pineapple. I was terrified of failing, but it was the best decision of my life.

What motivated you to start The Content, Planner?

As a devoted goal-getter, I have been scheduling my day and writing things down for the past 17 years. I saw a need for an environmental planner targeted towards content creators and #girlbosses like me – so I designed one.

What inspired you?

Seeing how my photos and words on Instagram could quickly build a community was what inspired me. After five years, I’ve successfully leveraged social media to grow my brand and launch two eCommerce businesses – all through planning and strategizing my content every day. I want to give other women the tools that worked for me.

Who is your biggest motivator?

Myself. I’m slowly learning that no book, blog, coach or motivational poster can kickstart my inner drive as I can. I am my biggest fan and continuously cheering myself on to move upwards and onwards.

What would you recommend to another boss babe who wants to start their business?

Know your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you know you’re terrible at finances and crunching numbers, outsource that task to an accountant. Don’t waste time and effort trying to learn what doesn’t come naturally to you.

But if you know you’re the BEST at styling and art direction, always be the one behind-the-scenes shooting for your brand. As bossbabes, we don’t have to do EVERYTHING. Instead, we should do a few things well and hire out the rest.

Who is the content planner for?

The Content Planner is for any businesswoman who markets their products or services online. She believes in creating daily habits that breed success and writing down her goals. She wants to grow her blog following, attract dedicated customers and is FULL of ideas. She’s independent, creative, motivated, fearless and knows what she wants.

What did you learn from your business?

I learned that e-commerce is powerful. You don’t need a considerable investment to generate a decent income online. As long as your product WORKS and you present it to your audience the right way, people will support you.

If you could go back and change something with your business, what would you change? Why?

If I could change one thing, I would give myself more time (which is quite ironic since I designed a planner!). As much as I try to schedule and set deadlines, I always feel like I’m in a time crunch. Especially with the upcoming launch, if I had just a few more weeks, I could REALLY hit it out the park. But c’est la vie! We adapt and learn as we go.

When will the next Content Planner launch?

The next Content Planner will be officially launching at the end of November.

Do you have any recommendation for boss babes?

I highly recommend The Content Planner! Especially if you’re stressed about social media, looking to get more organized and want to crush your content marketing game, it has everything you need. I use mine every day to manage and run 3 Instagram accounts, which all generate income for me.

How does it feel knowing your content planner is the most wanted by bloggers and content, creative influencers?

Helping women succeed in their businesses is all I ever wanted to do. Knowing that I’m assisting women to reach in their companies is humbling, thrilling, stressful, addictive and utterly soul-filling all at the same time. I never want to retire.

Fun question:

           If you can be any animal, what would you be and why?

A dolphin for sure. This way, I could swim, surf and be in the ocean all day!


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