Costume Concepts that You Don’t Want to Miss

With so many creepy and spooky costumes to choose from, the possibilities on what to be for Halloween are endless!… May a bit too endless. Not only can it be hard to pick the perfect costume, but it can also be even harder to find a unique choice that will make you stand out at a party. Here’s a list of costume ideas as well as suggestions on how to give your look some personality of its own.


A classic costume that’s still fresh with ideas, witches are recommended for those interested in something fun and easily recognizable. Instead of being an old-school witch with all black and a cauldron, try a style with a modern twist. For something funny, become a cleaning witch by wearing a maid costume with a mop for a broomstick. Using green body paint and adding warts will help separate your costume from regular maids. You can even wear a traditional witch hat instead of a maid headpiece to empathize what you are.


Another Halloween staple! It’s easy to dress as a vampire. With a pair of scrubs, fangs, and the right makeup, you can become a vampire doctor! You can even dress as vampire versions of favorite celebrities, like Marilyn Monroe. For a more interesting approach, try dressing as a vampire version of Snow White. The character is already well-known for her pale complexion and rose red lips, her design would be a perfect twist for a vampire costume.

Superheroes (and Villains)

Superhero costumes aren’t just for Comic-Con! Halloween is the best time to show off your love for just-filled heroes or conniving villains. If you want to give your Supergirl costume a twist, wear your Super logo under a button-up with slacks. When it’s time for the big reveal, begin to open your shirt and unveil your secret identity! Having a pair of bold framed glasses and a tie will help give your design a ‘Clark Kent’ feel to it. If you’re itching to unleash your villainous side, try a classic Harley Quinn costume! To give this playful costume a mischievous touch, throw on a trench coat with a pair of funny nose glasses.

Group Costumes

What can be more Halloween fun, than wearing matching costumes with friends? From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Addams Family, there are many choices for your group to choose from. If you want to try something different, your group can be a zombie cheerleading squad. With useful tutorials out there, you’re bound to look like you came from beyond the grave. Can’t agree on what you all should be? Try to come up with a theme and come together as a group. If your agreed theme is ‘princess’, come dressed as Princess Leia with her new allies, Princess Peach and Princess Cinderella.

Couple Costumes

Rather go with one other person? No problem! Couple costumes can be just as fun as group costumes. Classic pairings like Bonnie and Clyde along with Salt and Pepper are cute, but for something more clever, come dressed as rivals. Mariah Carey and J.Lo walking together in a party would gain a few laughs. You’ll definitely be starting conversations if you come as Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. If you’re looking for cartoon rivals, Tom and Jerry would be a nostalgic pairing.

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