How To Create A Morning Routine

We all crave that morning routine, but some of us don’t know how to create one when we have nothing to do if you are always home. I have a lovely morning I like to wake up at 7 am, get ready to check my emails and by 9 a.m. I am writing articles or journaling. Some days, I am home all day recording video for youtube or my podcast channel.

After that, I run my errands if I have any which it’s mostly on Friday’s since I run them with my boyfriend. Running errands take me all day to do since at times it a lot, but I don’t mind doing them.

Since I am currently not going to school on campus, I do online school I stay home a lot. So having a routine is wonderful for me since I have more free time to do the things I love. I play video games, work on my business, hang out with my friends and listen to music all day.

Now you might be wondering “ yeah but how can I make a morning routine?” Well, ladies, that’s an excellent question. You already have routines for morning night.

You wake up every morning, eat breakfast or drink coffee/tea, brush your teeth, shower, make your bed and get ready for your day. I know the routine can change depending on the time you get home from school, work, or whatever you do.

Now creating a steady routine can be hard but it does take a lot of discipline and time. You can’t expect to have a regular perfect routine every day, all day. Hell, I don’t have a steady routine since at times things come up and routines a lot of my plans for that day.

Try creating a plan that fits you. I love using my iPhone 7+ to plan my daily activities. I kid you not; I have over 3-4 planner. I use my phone calendar, a physical planner, my MacBook calendar and this free amazing app called Trello. Thanks to all of those my life is a bit easier, and I can schedule things.

If you need to wake up early to plan your day, do it, it does not hurt. I know it’s hard to start it off, but I know you can do it with a bit of motivation.

Stay tune for the night routine since that one is more relaxing and fun.

Let me know what does your typical morning look like.

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How To Create A Morning Routine