How To Deal With Office Politics

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Are you the person that has to deal with politics talks in the office and you are just tired of it? We understand how you feel; the government is hard to keep away from especially with everything going on right now. They are tough since we have strong opinions about things and you may not want to get yourself involved. Office politics is one of the biggest headaches in his position especially when someone is passionate about it.

Denial is dangerous

Through conversations in my open workplaces, I have had with other professionals; it seems that most of them felt the way I did. Some of them were just like me; they are either in denial that politics exist in the workplace. However; let’s get real – people are complicated. Motives are tricky. Emotions are involved. Ways of handling stressful situations are required. All of these personal complications make any relationship tough to navigate, let alone a career-orientated one that includes elements of power and pride.

Don’t take it personally

Some people might take personal some not. In a workplace, you cannot take anything personal especially when it is about politics. Everyone has their point of few, and you have to respect that. Even the most real business decisions are a personal affront to them individually. Essentially, they are insecure about their place in life, and that has nothing to do with you. Don’t let them burn you out.

Don’t be part of the problem

Now that you have come to terms with the fact that there are politics at play do not assume the worst of your colleagues or amplify the political dynamics. Don’t make this part of your problem. Everyone has to the right to feel what he or she feel but don’t get involved too much since that may cause a problem that you do not want to be in at all.

Make the politics work for you

Having a debate at work about politics is perfectly fine and healthy. You can understand your co-worker point of view while they understand yours. Find what topics are trending and what people feel strongly about; some might feel some way about jobs, immigration, health care and so on. At my old job, we debated a lot about the elections, and it was fun, but it did get annoying.

If you are getting bothered by it, just walk away from it. Tell them that you rather not talk about the topic and continue with your work. I used to do that a lot since it was a big issue I just didn’t want to talk about.


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