Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

So you’re thinking about getting a tattoo because you see people getting them, posting them on social media. “Ooh, this one is a cute double tab to like.” Yeah, that was me before I got my 1st tattoo and I am telling you to think long and hard about what you are going to get. Don’t get me wrong, I love my double infinity tattoo, and I am planning on getting one or two more this year. I got my tattoo doing a bad time in my life that I am happy I am no longer in but also because the double infinity represents a show I used to watch and sadly ended Revenge.

You might have to wait for an open appointment

Although walk-ins are always welcome in some shops, you might want to get an appointment with the insta famous tattoo artist that you see online. Inkaholik is very popular here in Miami, and to get an appointment can take a few days to months depending on the artist you want. Maybe you are considering getting a tattoo done by Kat Von D, good luck getting an appointment with her because it could take years. Call in advance and see when they can book you to go in to get your tattoo done. Based on my experience, I went to the shop, and they booked me to go in the following week since they only had a few spots left. Some shops will tell you to book in advance

Consider your tattoo size!

Now, let talk about size something that you also have to consider depending on what part of your body you want the tattoo. My double infinity is on my lower rib so not that big or small; it’s more of size. When it comes to the size of the tattoo, the tattoo artist might tell you where it would be best to put it on. A small tattoo looks cute anywhere you put it but a big tattoo, not so much.

Certain areas will hurt more than others

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Location of a tattoo, this is the one that is also important that you defiantly need to consider since depending where you place the tattoo can hurt a lot. My tattoo hurt when the needles touched the rib bone. Your arms won’t hurt as much as your ribs, feet, ankles, neck, and backs of your knees. If you can not tolorate pain you might want to reconsider those spots and get your tattoo somewhere else on your body.

Your tattoo will cost you $$$

A tattoo will cost you some $$ or $$$ let’s start there. Most tattoo shops for hourly instead of the whole thing. The shop I went too charged me $80 for my tattoo. Miami Ink charges about $100 if not a bit more an hour. Please don’t go to a place that charges you $15 those places most likely are not as good as they claim. Consider going to a spot that good rating and has postive feedback. You are spending money on a piece of art, so make sure you get it done at a well-known shop.

You will need more session if you have a big tattoo

Although tattoos can be done in one day in just a few minutes if not hours, you also might have to consider if your tattoo can be done in a day or if you’ll need more sessions. The bigger the tattoo, the more sessions you might go. Some tattoo might take 2-5 sessions others even longer also due to the available appointments.

I got my tattoo whats next

So you got your tattoo and it’s looking fresh until 24 hours laters when it starts to itch, look scaly, scabes and just doesn’t look pretty any more. Well that is the process of all new tattoos, it will itch like crazy and start to peel which is normal. You just to refrain from doing certain activies.

Tattoos will take a few weeks to fully heal

After care is important for 1st tattoo and for any tattoo you get after. The healing process can take from 1-3 weeks. You will need to shower with sensitive soap, use hydrating moisturizer and cover your tattoo from the sun if you are not planning to use a high spf sun protector. According to dermatologist Michelle Henry, MD, in New York City, the most concerning adverse reaction is pain that worsens day by day, which could be an indication of infection. In which case, pay a visit to your doctor ASAP.


Stay away from the beach, baths, and anything that involves your body getting into a body of water. Take showers but don’t take a burning hot shower, take lukewarm showers or even cold if you must. Shower using a fragrance-free soap and pat dry your tattoo once you are done. As mentioned above here are the things I used and recommend for you to use.

Aveeno fragrance free soap

Aveeno Lotion

No working out

Yup, if you love to work out just as much as I do, sadly you can’t work out for three weeks. Experts suggest this because your pores open and it can cause infections on your tattoo, and that’s when you have to go to the hospital and bill that no one wants to take home. So it’s the bed you stay cool, no works out or do outside work.

Your Tattoo will need retouching later on

As months or years past you’ll notice that your tattoo is starting to fade which is normal. You might want to consider going back to your tattoo artist. He or she will happily retouch it for a fee, and you’ll leave happy again. If you have a finger tattoo, you are expected to get it retouched ore often than a bigger tattoo.

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