How To Find Your Girl Tribe


So you started your own business but feel alone in it, and you feel like you have no one to talk to but yourself about it. You might want to have a few girlfriends that will motivate you in your job and give you the support you need. I know a good friend who can share the same dreams as you is hard enough. That why I am here to help you out. I have two girlfriends of mine which our lives are opposite from each other. I’m a blogger and a YouTuber, while they are lawyers and health care.

Even though we all do different things, we still talk and hang out. I don’t trust easy, but with them, I connected on the 1st day we met. We motivate each other on the day whether it’s by asking for advice, just to have a cup of wine/champagne or two .. ok maybe three #dontjudge.

Finding your tribe is fun, think about it like this; imagine it as if it was the 1st date. If you click perfect, you may have a keeper if not, then leave as fast as you can. But don’t move too fast since you may end up having them as part of your tribe later down the road. I can tell you this. One of my girlfriends and I did not hit it off when we 1st met; we only talked a little here and there back in high school. Once we finished high school, we instantly clicked. We talk every day on the phone and text.

Like-Minded People
You always want to have the same common interest in different things. Like minded people are known to hit it off fast enough. Connecting with people who share that same dreams and goal like you is awesome. You want them to be your best and in your click like asap.

What Do You Bring To The Table
You never know what you might have to offer or what they might have to offer. I have this friend who I will be collaborating with soon, and she is an excellent photographer. She will soon be taking photos for the website, and in return, I give her credit for her photos. Making a deal with someone can be fun, you have to make a list of all the qualities you want in your tribe just as if it was making a life of all you want to a man,

Constructive Criticism
This part is critical; you have to be open minded to accept them from your tribe. They are criticizing you to mean; they do that because they want to see you grow and most likely they been through that and don’t want you to make the same mistake. My friends and I always criticize each other but in a positive way and try to make each other see that. I know at times it’s hard to critic a person but trust me you are helping them grow as a person and professionally and of course vise verse.

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