Fours Ways To Deal With Insecurities

Last night one my friend and I were talking about our insecurities and she thought I didn’t have none little did she know that I was filled with them and so is she. We all face a point in our lives that we are insecure about something, it could be weight, your mental state of mind, language and so on. But, that doesn’t change who we are.

The other day I saw my ex fiance that I have not seen in about 6 to 7 years and let me tell you how insecure I was although he has seen on face time many of times and seen me with and without makeup, good and bad days and yet I was worried on how I looked. My best friend had to calm me down cause I was nervous and I couldn’t help it.

Although dealing with insecurities is hard, there are ways to deal with it.

Build Self-esteem

Whether you have low self-esteem due to social media, or relationship, you have to do things that will make you feel empowered. I know after I got out my toxic relationship a few years ago, I felt worthless, not good enough, and so on, until I started my business and doing a podcast and seeing the results. Knowing that I was helping others made me feel good about myself and empowered me to keep helping others. So take a moment and think about what is going to make you happy. It could be working out, writing, maybe starting a business or even a youtube channel.

Be Independent

This is so important for anyone no matter if you are male, female or binary. Being independent will help you insecurities even more because you will not be depending on anyone else. No, you’ll be depending on yourself and that is more important than you depending on your parents, family member, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend. You need to find a way to things on your own without holding someones hand all the times. You might fail a few times and that ok, you need to have the will power which I know you do and get back up and find a new way of doing things on your own.

Now I am not telling you to cut everyone off if you really need someone help ask for it, people are willing to help you but don’t depend on them 24/7 for help.

Trust yourself

One of the hardest things that people can’t do is trust in themselves. Although this may be hard, there are ways to help with it. Since you may have depended on people to do things for you because you feel like you can’t doesn’t mean your bad at it. What you need to start doing is speaking up and doing things on your own again this goes back to being independent. There have been many times that I have trusted others do what other people do for me because I felt like I couldn’t do it by myself, feeling that I will fail. Trust that whatever choice you make in life will work out if not oh well we all make a mistake, so don’t beat yourself off for it. Always follow your gut because if you are living in the “what if” world, I can promise you that you might not get as far as you would hope.

Love yourself

Loving yourself is the most important thing that you can do to help with your insecurities. Accept who you are and if you don’t like it will change it. If you feel dumb, study some more, if you feel fat go workout if you feel like you just had enough bullshit with people so cut them off (I’ve done it so many times). When you tell yourself that you can’t do something over and over again, your brain will believe it and you’ll feel like you can’t do something because of you’re not enough. Trust me when I say that you are enough to still be in this world and living life.

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Fours Ways To Deal With Insecurities