How The Pill Club Gave Me Back Control

I am happy to say that I partnered with Pill Club to share with you my story and why I joined their mission. We already know that birth controls are hard to get; you need to go through ultrasounds, pregnancy test, and so on. Thanks to the Pill Club, all that changed no more test or going to appointments. I do suggest going to see if you are pregnant, just in case.

Many people take birth control because they have unprotective sex (still use a condom, birth controls do not protect you from getting HIV or AIDS. In rare cases, you can even get pregnant). I take birth control because I suffer from the irregular period since I was probably in 10th grades, so about 12 years now. I have taken birth control in the past that has helped me out a lot and stopped taking for many years because my period was standard. Recently my period became irregular again, and that is due to hormones when I am stressing out a way to much.

I remember going to the doctors before and going through tests just for them to tell me its just hormones and give me a pill or a nova ring (I don’t suggest it). I had my period of 3 months straight, yes you read that right 3 months. I felt like I had no control of my bottle, I was working out, eating somewhat healthy but I had no idea why I had it for that long. Thankfully it stopped due to birth control I used to take in high school and called it a day.

Of course that was years ago so last year, my period started to act funny again not like before but I noticed that it was irregular. When I discovered the Pill Club, I was worried that it was a scam since no one buys medication like that online without having an Rx.

So I did a lot of research and texted Pill Club a lot to make sure that they knew what they were talking about and making sure that it’s safe. So I took that step, I ordered it, received it and started my medication once again. Now that it’s almost a year I can honestly say that it has helped my period out dramatic, it’s a lot cheaper I paid around $60 for the whole year, and they have excellent customer service.

The best thing about Pill Club is that you don’t need insurance to get it, they will send you the best pill with the budget you give them. The cheapest is about $3, and it will work just as good, mine is about $14 a month. If you have insurance they will accept it as well, keep in mind your insurance might have you a wait a bit longer due to legal things, and they have to assure that it’s not a scam.

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How The Pill Club Gave Me Back Control