How To Make Your Phone A Productive One

By now, pretty much almost the whole world has a smartphone regardless if it’s an iPhone or Andriod. Some people use it for fun while others use it for business, for myself, I use it for a little bit of both, mainly for business recently. Since I was dealing with depression I fell off the loops with my phone being organized and such, but not that I am back, I have reorganized my phone apps, made few tweaks here and there, and now I am back to my usual old self.

It’s not hard to make your phone a productive one if you own a business or if you are a creator, you can make it work for you. The next few tips I am going to give you will help you get your life and phone together.

Declutter your phone

Grab your phone and start deleting apps, yes, delete the apps that you no longer use. If you have not opened an app in a month, for example, why do you still have it? If you ever need it again for whatever reason, you can always redownload it. Deleting apps will make your screen less cluttered, and you’ll have more space for more important things.

Have folders for your apps

All of my apps are in folders since I like my phone to be as organized as possible. I have different folders like a business one, productivity, tools, and so on. My phone brings an app that has all the games in, and I usually keep that hidden so that I won’t get distracted with games. Make sure you keep the essential folders in one page and the less important on another page, that way you will only focus on the critical page 1st and less on the 2nd page.

Turn off notification and badges

This one is pretty hard to do, but it must be done. By turning off the notification on your all of your apps, you will be more focused on what you are currently doing. For example: when I am writing, I make sure that social media notification is fully turned off and my games as well. It’s best that you do this as soon as you can that way you can focus on what is more important. You might be thinking, “ what if there is an emergency?” well, they can call you if it’s an emergency.

Set an alarm

Setting multiple alarms on your phone will help you wake up, start working, taking a lunch break, and so on. Trust me when I say that once I am focused on something, I forget to eat and drink and that is not healthy. So I set the alarm on my phone to tell me it’s time for lunch and also when my lunch should be over. I take about an hour of lunch and get back to work. Start making alarms and use them every day if you can, and you will see yourself making a new habit and grow more as a person being responsible and on time with things.

Use Calendars

Your phone brings a calendar on it; Although I use my planner, I like to use my phone calendar for business things as well. I personally like the one that came with my Note 8, but I also like to use the Google calendar as well when I want to focus on my business stuff. It’s important you start getting into the habit of writing things in your planner so you won’t forget something important, this has happened to me many of times and trust me it sucks.

Use apps to stop you from using your phone

I know I have mentioned this before, but trust me when I said these apps do help a lot. I have been using three different apps to keep my little hands out of my phone and focus on essential things. The 1st app is Flipd; it was creators for students to focus on homework and study for the test. I use this only when I need to focus on tests and finals. The 2nd app is called Forest, a cute little app that their mission is to plan a tree in countries that bare has any tree due to companies cutting them down to build buildings or trees that are no longer there because of a storm. I use this app the most because I love giving back to the world as much as I can. The 3rd app is called Space, this app gives you a test and depending on how you answer, it will determine how many time you can unlock your phone and how long you can be on it.

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