How To Start A Online Course For Free

You might be wondering how to start an online course. Online courses are now popular and more and more people are making them, and making a profit on what they love doing, which is teaching others, helping others and so on.

Since 2019 is the year of productivity (I say it is), it’s your time to succeed and start your online course on what you love. Here are the steps for you to start one for free.

Step 1: Brainstorm

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Let’s be honest, anyone can start a business and succeed if they know what they are doing. But, no can do you like you. Now think about what you want to teach, make sure it’s something you are good at and an expert in.

This can be anything from:

  • Cameras
  • Blogging
  • Health
  • Helping others find their passion
  • Podcast
  • Finance
  • And the list goes on…

Once you know what you want to talk about and teach it time for step 2.

Step 2:  Find a hosting site for your course

A lot of courses uses WordPress and a plugin, other like myself use Teachable which is a free hosting site and you don’t have to pay to get started. You can simply set everything up and launch it. Of course, you can always upgrade your plan for more things but will cost you money, which to me is worth it if you can afford it.

Using WordPress is good as well but keep in mind that you are limited in space and make your site go slower than expected.

Step 3: Match what you want to do with your skill

Although you might know by now what you want to talk about it and teach, you have to think about the skills that you have.

  • Sell prints or tee shirts
  • Design a product + sell it
  • Write music, creative production, or creating videos
Like to write?   
  • Freelance writer
  • Blogger
  • Copywriter
  • Editor
Like Events and Meeting People?   
  • Event Planner
  • Wedding Planner
Got a Big Personality?   
  • Start a Podcast
  • Launch a youtube channel
  • Become a blog or Instagram personality
Good With Numbers and Money?   
  • Book Keeper
  • Personal Accountant
  • Financial Planner
  • Virtual Assistant

Step 4: Create a layout for your course

Photo by Estée Janssens 

When I started Blog and Shine, I had it all mapped out on my Google Docs. I made sure that everything was organized and ready section by section. I was able to structure my whole course using google docs and it paid off.

Think about what want your course to look like, for example:

  • Color
  • Fonts
  • Video/photos
  • How many parts will it have

Step 5: Time to promote

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Now that you started your website, you have to think about promotions. I’m not saying get ads and stuff now, but let your followers know about the course you are working on. You don’t have to tell them the release date until it gets a bit closer, but you can tell them they can pre-register.

Mention what they can learn and sound excited about it. People are more likely to buy your products when you sound happy, not down and sad.

Step 6: Launch

Now that your site is ready, you have a few pre-registered people, it’s time to launch your course to the public. Your followers will sure pay for your product if you have been showing them value to it and showing them that they can learn something you.

If you have an online course, make sure you leave it down below for others to follow you and get your course.

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