Losing Motivation and Getting Right Back Up

Since March, I have not written anything, and here I am almost two months later. I needed to take a break from Everyday Career Girl since I was going through a lot, a breakup, work, and school and I didn’t have the time to write anymore. Taking two months break did me some good but also I have missed doing what I love the most, and that is writing.

But during my time off from writing, I got to know a few fantastic people due to a game I play on my phone when I have a little time off and want to get away. Due to the people I met, I am back here writing and feeling motivated as ever.

As I have mentioned before in many articles, life will bring you down, but you are the one who has to get right back up. Although it took me two months to get back to motivation, I know Everyday Career Girl will always be here.

So no matter what you are doing, know you will have days that you will not be happy, you will not have the passion, not the drive to do things. Just take a small break and reorganize yourself again.

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Losing Motivation and Getting Right Back Up