Monday Rundown

Today was very interesting in the world. Not only did the Oscar’s have drama, but also Trump & Spike are going at it, Oh and Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper had a moment and so much more so let’s jump right to it.

Not only is Trump in love with Kim Yung Wu, he also said that they have a love relationship and America will be making a deal with North Korea, now I don’t know how true is that since North Korea does not like the way America handles things, which I don’t blame them to be honest.

Oh, Oscar’s how we love you every year and how you somehow have a lot of drama to bring. Not only did Spike make a speech about our lovely president, but our president tweeted out saying the spike was a racist. Which I don’t know how when all he was doing is spreading love and positivist, unlike our president. I guess we are racist since he speaks upon the truth and just wants a peaceful world where people can just be happy without the hatred.

In other news, Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper had a romantic moment last night after singing the song “Shallow” a song was writing for the movie “A Star is Born”. They were pretty close to kiss but of course, we all know Cooper has a girlfriend but come on, just say yall like each other and call it a day. Lady Gaga owns her 1st Oscar, thanks to the song Shallow which was well deserved.

Now going on Instagram, Ariana Grande became the most followed women on Instagram. The “7 Rings” singer has officially dethroned Selena Gomez to become the most followed woman on Instagram, but the results are still tight. According to Billboard, Grande has 146,286,173 followers while the “Wolves” singer follows closely behind with 146,267,801. Those are some extremely remarkable numbers nonetheless.  

Come back tomorrow for more rundowns!

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And The Oscar’s Winner Are?…
Monday Rundown