Mules, Make A Come Back!

I might be late to the fashion scene but I have a current obsession which is Mule or Mules. Wondering what are Mules? Well, I am here to tell you all about them and how fashionable they can be for your everyday life.
Mule is a style of shoe which usually no back with a pointed or fashionable front. Some have a wide front and heels. Small or short. They are almost a slip-on shoe but much more fancy and in style. They come in all different fabrics like suede for the winter and in all colors like pink for spring or summer. Also, Mule Shoes were invented between the 16th to the 19th century. It was originally invited for the bedroom, not for the public. Although, that all changed. It became popular during the end 1990s in the high fashion designers and Most recently, Elle magazine called the mules the shoe of 2017. Even until now in 2019, it has risen popularity. Stores like H&M and SHEIN have been making them available to the public to buy. The price for these 24.99 in H&M and SHEIN it’s between $12.99 to the $20 dollar range. I have been trying to get my hands on one or a few of these shoes. Stay tuned for the review when I do. To be continued . . .

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Mules, Make A Come Back!