My Experience With CBD Oil

Disclaimer: this article is not intended to promote drugs or weed. I just sharing my experience, everyone is different. Consult with your doctors if you feel you need CBD due to your pain.

For those who don’t know, I used to suffer from chronic migraines. Even though I was never diagnosed, I did my search on Google and found out for it to be persistent, it had to be 30 days or more.

So, lucky me I had it for almost a month 28 days of migraines. So thanks to my friends who are smokers, told me how weed helps with pain.

Before you assume anything, I am not against pot at all cause honestly at the end of the day it’s a plant. Pot has been used way before it came to America by immigrants who started recreating it.

I also have terrible period cramps that I get every month and that shit fucking sucks. When I say pain, I mean pain that I can’t get out of bed, I am crying, shivering everything goes wrong for a whole day. Oh and I start kicking and screaming my lungs out. Don’t believe me, ask my parents and my boyfriend, they will tell you how bad it is.

So my brother ex-girlfriend who I consider as a sister to me told me about CBD oil, I 1st I thought I was going to get high(I was new to the weed world didn’t know any better), but I didn’t care at that point. But, she explained how the oil doesn’t contain the high part which is THC. You can buy the CBD oil anywhere even in Walmart without a marijuana card since you won’t get high at all.

I did smoke CBD oil in a vape pen, and it has helped me a lot. The experience I felt was terrific, no I didn’t get high I promise, but it did calm my anxiety, my depression was little to none, and my migraine was gone.

I still get migraines because I don’t use the oil every day for many reasons. Reason 1 I forget to be honest, and the 2nd reason is I just threw it away like an idiot cleaning my room and the trash is no longer here. But, I can honestly say that it has helped me in different ways, and my body feels like it’s getting back to normal.

I don’t care for the THC; I care about getting my chronic pains not be chronic no more and calm down my anxiety and depression. Yes, I do talk to my friends and family about my depression, but at times that alone doesn’t even help. Plus, I don’t like taking meds at all. Drugs are dangerous for your body (Just read the side effects to them all).

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My Experience With CBD Oil