My Must-Have Hair Products

I love my hair, who doesn’t? Well I don’t always love it, you see my hair is naturally curly and I honestly hate it. I only leave my hair curly when I am too lazy to straighten it out. But, thanks to my favotire products my hair look beautigul curly and straight and I am not complaing.

I have always had damaged hair since I was in beauty years ago. My hair was dyed over ten times in less than 6months, and I was sad that I ruined my hair. Hell, my hair is just now going back to its natural ways 9 years later.

Now I have been using one product on and off because of it pricey but thanks to that product my hair is soft again, less damaged and of course flowing.

Moroccan Oil Shampoo

I only use a quarter size of this shampoo on my hair the 1st times, it only use it on the roots to really take out any other products I have, oil, dirty and so on. I rise my hair and put another quarter size and this time it’s really lathering up and my hair is already getting softer and more bouncy.

Yes lather, rinse, lather does work. You can lather three times if you have a lot of hair spray or gel on. Doing it three times will guarantee that your hair is free from buildup products.

The best thing about this shampoo is that it’s sulfate free so it’s not damaging to your hair.

Rene Furterer Kartie Hydra

This is my favorite hair mask ever. I got this thanks to FabFitFun, and I can’t stop using it. This product helps damage dry hair which is my hair. I section my hair in four as instructed and focus on everything, from root to ends. I leave this on for about 5 mintues at times 10 to really work my hair as I shower.

Moroccan Oil Conditioner

I leave this on my hair for about 3 minutes as instructed and focus mainly on mid to end. When I use this, my curls go back to normal, and it’s incredibly soft. I would hate to stop using this and have my hair go back to being horrible.

Shea Moisture Leave In Treatment

I h ave been using this detangler forever and I honesly can’t get enough of it. ALthough my hair is no longer as dangled as it used to be, I still like to apply this on my hair eveytime I am done washing my hair to give an extra protection from frizz.

Moroccan Oil

Last but not least, I use the Moroccan Oil on my ends to really hydrate my hair, but I use this once I am done blow drying/ flat ironing my hair. I even use it when my hair is curly and leave it natural like right now.

L’Oreal Ever Curl Sculpt and Hold Cream Gel

On my lazy days, when I want my hair to be curly, I apply this while my hair is still wet and I crunch it with my hand. Some people use the hair diffuses which I don’t like to apply heat to my hair that much. One my hair is dry, the curly tends to bounce a bit but also in place. It’s not frizzy and holds things in place but still being able to move it around.

Sugar Bear Hair

Lastly, every night, I take Sugar Bear Hair and I can’t get enough of it. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also makes my hair grow, fall out a lot less, and it’s stronger than ever.

I used to take Hairfinity, and Hair Burst. Hairfinity was the worst for my face. I broke every day and it’s the reason why I have so many acne marks on my face. But Hair burst is amazing, I never broke out and my hair grew a lot. I stopped using them because it was coming from London and I was getting charge small international fee.

After Sugar Bear hair came and I loved it. I was using it before the celebs started to get paid to use them. Honestly they do work, just remember that everyone is different. For me using this products my hair grows fast in one month. Some people take about 3-6 months to see a difference. So don’t feel discourage if you don’t see a different in the 1st month.

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