My Skin Care Essential For A Glowy Skin

When it comes to skincare, I need to have it all. I mean, I do have dry skin with a bit of oil around my nose area, sun damage, and so on. So when I have a sister who works for skin care company like Elemis, how can I not try their stuff.

Now, if you know, I suffer from adult acne and when it’s that time of the month oh boy do they come out. As a teenager my skin was amazing, no acne, no pores, just flawless skin until I was 21 that’s when things went downhill for me. Until now, I finally found the perfect skincare for my skin that helps me.

After trying over 100 products like proactive (does not work), Curology, Clean and Clear, and so on. I noticed that to me those products did not work, it made my face worse. Now Curology did work, it took away a lot of acne marks, but I still had small breakouts.

Elemis Cleanser

For those who do not know about Elemis, they are skincare company that I love using and thanks to my sister working there, I get to try their new products since she does the designs of the packaging for them. I use this every so often when I need that my skin needs a big boost after a stressful week. You can try their trial size product only at Ulta.

E.L.F Serum

I used to use a serum, but I stopped because I ran out and I nothing happened to my skin. But I do recommend the E.L.F serum since it a low cost, but for me it did work, I did notice a difference when I 1st started using it. I will buy it again, but for now, I have no need for it.

Witch Hazel Toner

Before I had no idea what toner was. I thought it an unnecessary product but little did I did know that the beauty gods knew what they were doing. So if you are like the old me who didn’t believe in the toner, think again. When you are taking off makeup no matter if you are using a makeup remover or if you are using a cleanser, you will still have makeup on your face.

Use a toner with a cotton pad and wipe your who face especially the edges you will see makeup on your cotton pads. A little acne tip: apply some toner to the cotton terrible and leave it on your acne area for 20min, you will notice it will dry out your acne and make it smaller.

Neutrogena Sheet mask

Now, these babies have been around for a few years now, and we all love them. It’s easy to use and plus it provides a lot of hydration to our s
Neutrogena has been my facorite sheet mask to use for a while now.

Peek off facial mask

Now, these are my favorite and hard to find a perfect one. I like the Glow feel off the mask. It’s pricey for the size that you get, but I use it once a week to really take off anything that is stuck on my skin like a blackhead, toxic and so on.


This was recently added to my skincare routine and girl, thanks to this product, my face is glowy. I use the StriVenctin every night before bed since it’s just for bedtime. I like to mix this with my facial moisturizer which I will mention later on, but this works. I started noticing a difference in my skin when it comes to laughing lines, and my skin doesn’t look dull anymore. Now it’s nice and glowy.


Sunscreen is essential for your morning skincare routine. I have to use this because of the retinol that I use, but I have been using this way before I started using my skincare products. Thanks to my dermatologist, she told me I need to use sunscreen no matter what product I use. Not only does it protect your skin from the harsh sun but if you have acne marks and want to get rid of them, most defiantly use sunscreen. It helps get rid of them quicker.


I have mentioned this before, but I love the Neutrogena moisturizer along with Elemis one as well. These two are amazing to my skin day and night. I use Elemis day cream along with hydro boost. At night I like to use Elemis nigh cream with hydro help and the retinol oil

Although we have makeup that makes our skin nice and glowy, it more amazing when you get to wear less makeup to let your natural glow show. Just keep in mind, everyone skin is different so don’t expect for these products to work for you. As much as I love using makeup, I always give my skin a break from it because of all the chemicals it has.

If you do not know your skin type check out the article we wrote.

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My Skin Care Essential For A Glowy Skin