Opinion vs. Reality

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We are all entitled to have our own opinions.

We all have our own different way to view the world, therefore, our opinions will be different.

Although, often these opinions tend to hurt other people.

It can be unintentionally, at times we don’t mean to hurt people with our opinions but we sometimes fail to understand it can still hurt someone.

It was an interesting day at work.

I bought this gel from the brand Ouidad for curly hair ( I will have a review for that later) but I used it and it made my curls look like Jesus was my hair stylist.

Anyways, Today at work  I had my naturally curly hair and I LOVED IT!

As  I was putting things away, one of my male co-workers said

“ So, today you were just like fuck it ?” referring that my natural curls didn’t look nice. I said “No, I have curly hair. this is what curly hair looks like” Then, later on, I explained my steps to how I get my hair curly by using a diffuser and other male co-workers chimed in “Diffuser, that doesn’t sound good” and I said “ Well, that’s a method for curly hair” I didn’t get ratchet because there aren’t worth that kind of response. I held my ground and walked out with my head held high.

In general curly hair sometimes can get a bad rep in society. A while ago dove made a commercial about curly hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou7CyPtkpng

Dove was interviewing a young girl about how they felt about having curly hair. It is heartbreaking because a lot of them didn’t appreciate their curls.

Curly hair isn’t bad. It’s beautiful like every other hair type.

Now, because they gave me such a complex about my natural hair does it mean that I won’t love or wear my curly hair?


I love my curly hair and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was born with this hair, therefore, I embrace it with all its fullness.

I have realized everyone has a different way of viewing things, therefore at the end of the day, people are going to be people.  If you ever find yourself where someone giving you a hard time about your hair, looks, personality, fashion, or mental health or etc.  You don’t have to internalize their opinions and turn it into self-hate because it doesn’t make or break you.

Because at the end of the day,

Their opinions aren’t your reality.


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