Why Should You Take Online Classes

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This article is dedicated to all my people that wonder if they should take online classes or not or for parents if they want to enroll their kids in online schooling. I have been an online student since my senior year of high school. I failed a few classes, and I knew deep down I didn’t want to be in school with my friends who were always a distraction to me.

Thanks to my school and of course my parents, they allowed me to be a part time student online and on campus along with dual enrollment. I know crazy, right? I ended up passing all of my four classes online and my other in school and my dual enrollment.

For those who are thinking of online school is right for you, just keep reading.


We all know bullying is getting worse whether it’s at school or even on social media. For those who experience bullying in school, online classes are an option for you. If you feel like you will succeed better at home on the computer do it. Just talk to your parents since you need their consent if you’re under 18.


If you have self-discipline, this would be perfect for you. Online classes, you will talk to your teacher over the phone and email if you are in high school. For those who are in college, you will only be able to speak to your teacher via email or seeing them on campus. You are pretty much on your own if you are taking online classes, so you have to take it seriously no matter your age.


I get it, we all go through things, and we are busy no matter what. I started going full time online because Id dint wants to work and go to school at the same time. I applaud everyone who does this and more. For those who hate the commute between work and school, and back home; online courses are ideal for you. Our time is valuable, so we need to take advantage of it.

With online courses, you can attend whenever and where ever you want. I love it because I travel a lot so, I take my laptop with me and study while I am on the road or the plane. Handling my own business, post podcast and post videos on YouTube, I know online courses helps me a lot since I can take my time. Just know that you must submit your work before or by the day that’s it due. I know, my school we have to submit our homework by Sunday at 11:59 pm or before of course. Anything after that you work will not accept, and you can’t submit it.


I know those parents who work a 9 to 5 and have kids at home, husband/wife. Those parents win the award to me because I can’t image how hard it can be. The online school gives you that flexibility to study online while you kids are sleep and even do it at work during lunch time.


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