The Big Chop & Curly Hair

My hair journey has gone through many changes over the past year. Like many of us women, we use our hair as an experiment or self-expression. I started off with a medium Afro since I have naturally curly hair. I didn’t want it too short because I was honestly scared to cut it all off because I wasn’t used to that type of haircut. Then lord behold came January 2018 and I cut it all off! It was liberating, artistic, and fierce.

Many women have gone back to their natural hair because of over processing their hair. I have dyed my hair numerous times to the point my hair couldn’t curl anymore. For those who have curly hair, curls are a girl’s best friend, right ?! Therefore, we have to treat them with some tender, loving, and care!

Here are the steps I use when it comes to maintaining my curly hair :

1. Use a steamer on your hair; If you don’t have a steamer for your hair, you can let your hair steam in a warm shower for about five minutes.

Caution: do not let steam for a long time because your hair can get greedy.

2. Apply a small amount of castor oil at night and make sure you massage the scalp. This helps hair growth through the night.

3. Sleep with silk sheets. Silk sheets won’t disturb with your curls like cotton, or other materials would disrupt your hair. Silk sheets even your face best friend.

4. Last but not least, In the morning use a revitalizer to refreshen your curls or let it steam in the shower for 5 minutes to awaken the curls.

When you finish, apply a small amount of argan, natural keratin, or macadamia oil. I usually recommend the product Hask. They an all natural brand and is great for all types of hair.

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