The Mystery of Business Casual: What is it and How to Dress to Impress

You have an interview and you want to make a good first impression. You want to look professional, but not too stiff. You want to look casual, but not too laid-back. You need that perfect middle that will show you are the best choice for the position. To help you perfect the look of a well-rounded individual, Everyday Career Girl will explain what is Business Casual and the best outfit choices to master that look.W

There is no clear definition on Business Casual. It is usually understood to mean less formal than traditional business clothing, but professional enough to be office appropriate. This does not help limit your choices, in fact, this may make choosing an outfit to be overwhelming. At least with office appropriate you know to wear a slacks and a blazer, but how do you bring the casualness into something so serious? Colors, textured fabrics, and little accessories can help bring out a more outgoing personality in your outfit.


Say we stick to the blazer and slacks. How can we help this outfit make you stand out from all the other interviewees applying for the position? We don’t want the colors to be too overpowering, but we want them to help soften your look, and make employers feel you are an approachable person. White is the perfect color for a top, like a blouse. It’s a simple neutral color, that is bright and would match great with a black blazer with matching slacks. For colors more out of the box, you can have a white blouse, with tan slacks and a mustard yellow blazer.

Textured Fabrics

The Business Causal style is not limited to blazers and slacks. There are so many types of clothes that are possible to wear in an interview and be seen as professional, as long as you’re wearing the right fabrics. Jeans are known for being the very definition of laid-back, too laidback for the office. But you can get away with wearing it for an interview as long as you wear the right materials. A black blazer with matching jeans go hand and hand. Wearing these with black high heels will surely give you an air of business casual. The higher the heel the more classy the outfit! Flats will only emphasize the casualness.


Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more! Even the smallest pin can help give your most business-like outfit a sense of casualness. They can even add the right colors to help enhance your look without it being considered to overwhelming to the outfit. Let’s say you still want to wear your blazer with slacks. They’re a navy color and works great with your white blouse, but you really need something that would make it pop. Try wearing a gold necklace, or pearl earrings. If you’re not much of a jewelry person, having a gold (or white) pin on the collar would help give your outfit a sense of flare. A solid colored bag can also bring out your outfit just as easily as any other piece of jewelry.

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The Mystery of Business Casual: What is it and How to Dress to Impress