What I learned in my 20’s

Ahhh, the 20s are hardest because either you’re in college, trade school, working or in between and still finding yourself or struggling with whatever it is. You’re not that mature yet but mature enough to know right from wrong. Although, once we can progress, we can look back and say we survived.

Unfortunately, my 20s are coming to an end. Therefore, I would like to share some wisdom I have encountered along the way.

Finding yourself will take time

This could mean in many ways like:

In my experience, all three. In life, surprisingly planned my life when I was a little girl, but it didn’t plan out the way I thought. In school, I didn’t plan out either. I went from college to college to try to find what exactly I wanted to major in and wanted to become in life. One of my experiences was when my father passed away. I went to Bronx Community College to become a teacher because I thought it was a more natural path and to help support my mother until I realized that it wasn’t the path for me. Work-wise well that was hard. I have mental conditions. Therefore, it was hard to keep a job until I received the right help and lots of experience with failure.

Failure isn’t a death sentence

This could apply for everyone and every age but speaking in your 20s things can happen. Once I found out what I wanted to major in which was Journalism and Mass Communications, and I wanted to become an Editor/Writer. I tried hard to work for an Editorial magazine, but I kept getting rejected. I didn’t let that get to me, although it was frustrating I was able to pull through and you can too.

You might lose friends

If you were friends when you were younger, there might be some problems as adults. I was told by a therapist that when we make friends when we are younger, we don’t set boundaries because we are young and carefree, which can lead to problems as adults. People change, and circumstances change too. Don’t worry; the real ones will stay.

As you can see, your 20s can be a confusing time in your life but remember to have fun. Go out, learn, and explore because you’re only on your 20s once.

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What I learned in my 20’s