For a long time, I would ask myself this question “why did I fall in love with someone who doesn’t seem to be good for me?” Therefore, I had to let them go but what happens to the love I have for them? Where does it all go? You see, It was my first time having strong emotions for someone & I always had the preconceived notion that if you love someone, you’ll stay with them. I never knew what will happen when you like them, but you cannot be with them for your own good.

It was painful because my initial reaction is to be close to this person and want to be them for the rest of my life despite their flaws. Although, at some point, I had to accept reality. The reality was this person wasn’t good for me, and I had to let them go. I was afraid and confused because I didn’t know what to do with all this love I had for the person. I think it would be hard to trust someone after this because of what I went through but I won’t let that stop me to fall in love with someone else again. I actually still believe in love! I don’t consider myself an hopeless romantic rather than a hopeful romantic.

I learned about love is, love is Free. Love is not supposed to confined or controlled nor should it be hidden.

You don’t have to lock it up away in your subconscious mind in order not to feel it. Especially after a breakup.

You can accept all those emotions because it’s real for YOU & you can love that person all you want because the love doesn’t go anywhere, hence “ No Love Lost.” Nothing or No one can dictate how you should feel. You have the freedom to feel. They are YOUR emotions, therefore, is not about what happens to the love and where does it all go. It’s about accepting your emotions no matter what but realizing that sometimes it is better to love someone from afar.

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