How To Work In The Corporate World

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I come from the corporate world, and it was not easy at all. Those who work there know exactly what I mean. We constantly have to dwell with people shit, drama, deadlines and so much more. Based on my experience working at Bacardi, I can tell you what I learned from there and how I dealt with different dramas and scenario.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you not work for them. We need people in corporate to make our technology work and so one. I loved my job at Bacardi and had an awesome experience and thanks to them; I’m here building my own company.

If you are all intern at a company, do a fantastic job. That’s why I listed a few things that will help you work in the corporate world.

Be on time

Whether you are an intern or not, being on time is key. Be there earlier; I used to go before 9 am, and that was before our CIO came in. Companies look at your timing and judge you based on that. No one likes people coming late to work and leave early.

A lot of people were surprised I was there by 8 or 8:30 am. I loved my job in the finance part of IT. I learned so much and managed a whole ton of money that I didn’t know the value until I ended the internship.


For those who don’t know what shadow means in the business world. Shadow means work with people in different departments and learn. I did a lot of help desk, data analyst, finance, network connections and my project management. Shadowing others will help you find what you enjoy doing. I love to shadow people since I learn something new all the time.

Ignore the drama

I know I had drama at Bacardi, but I just ignored it. I got reported for something so damn stupid, but it didn’t affect me. The people wanted me fired, but the CIO and manager said no. Dealing with drama is never going to be easy, and we should all know that.

If you have drama, report to your boss and let them handle it. If they don’t do anything about it, say it to the person higher than them. I finally found the job I loved while working at Bacardi which was finance in IT. I loved my new manager and I had shadowed her for about a month and that when she asks per my other manager if I can work for her and I said yes. Thanks to her, I grew up in the corporate world, and the haters got dealt with once they found out I was doing almost the finance work and I was going a damn good job.

 Dress up

Ladies, we must dress up appropriate when we are working. Depending on job wheat what they allow. I know working at Bacardi it was business casual and Fridays it was just casual. Every company has a different style and culture so follow their rules.

Be aggressive

Work your ass off; it’s that simple. Show them you are there to work not to drink coffee 10mins before 5 pm. By being aggressive, you show people you are not playing games, and you want the job to get done.

I used to put on my headphones listen to music and work with numbers all day and block people out. I needed to focus on my job, and I was the only one doing the job.

Leave late

Stay a few extra. I utes or an hour to finish up your work. Never leave work at 5 pm exactly every single day and come in late. A lot of people take advantage of coming in late and leaving early but wonder why they lost their jobs. Be the person who comes early and leaves late. I used to leave .ate al oat all the time, and from time to time my manager took me home.

She used to ask me to stay late as in return she would take me home at night. We both got the job done and finished deadlines before the actual time limits.

As I said, works for corporate is not easy but it’s possible. If you have any questions, please leave your comments down below.



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